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Lower Business Bills

We can help lower your companies monthly bills

It’s almost a definite. Your company is overpaying for its monthly bills. These overpayments can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month to your bottom line. Companies rely on the fact that you are too busy to look carefully at all the charges on your bills line by line. That is where we come in, we can negotiate lower bills, and in some cases even get refunds for overcharges,

Here are some of the bills we can help with: just pick your provider, submit your bill, and let us do the rest. If your provider is not listed, it is no problem, just select other, submit your bill and let us do the work.

Here is how we do this:

We are Experts in negotiations:

Lowering bills is all we do, we won’t take no for an answer

Service Adjustments:

We can help upgrade or downgrade exiting plans, without giving up quality

Contract Termination:

We can get you out of existing contracts without early termination fees

Negotiate Contracts:

We can renegotiate old contracts, and help with new ones

Billing errors:

Billing errors account for a huge portion of recurring bills. We can find mistakes, and help get refunds or credits.

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